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English Russian (ru)
Parking Time Settings
Notification Ringtone
Notification Ringtone Type
Remind Notes
Remind me about..
Select date
Select time
Parking Time
Select a Notification Ringtone
Snooze duration in minutes
Category Settings
No reminders to display!
Enter name or number
Support, Question or Problems:
Reminder deleted!
Reminder moved to history!
Notification Settings
Enable Reminder
Unread notification reminder
Number of Reminders
The number of reminder notifications to play
Reminder Interval
The time period between notification reminders
Reminder Settings
Skip to next Reminder
Call and Complete
Snooze Picker
Shows a dialog to choose a custom snooze time
Select a phone number
Call Log History
Active Reminders
Add a telephone call reminder
Telephone Call Reminder
Telephone Call Settings
After call you can quick set a telephone call reminder (Notification after call)
Last Calls Entries
Number of entries on last calls
ERROR: Field can not be empty!
ERROR: Value already present!
Parking Time CountDown
Display a CountDown in the notification bar
Select Language
Select display language for the app
Do you really want to stop the countdown and cancel the alarm?
Search History
History Clean Up
All reminders older than %1$d days will be deleted!
History CleanUp Days
Choose, how old a reminder should be that it can be deleted.
Add Pre-Alarm
Get an alarm before the reminder time
Collapse Pre-Alarm
PreAlarm Minutes
How many minutes before should the reminder go off?
Automatic Backup, Local Backup, Cloud Backup
Create Backup
Restore Backup
Backup successfully
Creating backup
Restoring backup
Error creating/restoring backup!
Backup successfully restored and rescheduled all alarms!
Show Popup
Show Popup and turn on the screen
Shows a popup additional to the notification area and turns on the light if in standby!
Vibration Settings
Vibration Pattern
Set your own vibration pattern
Set vibration pattern
Set your vibration pattern
Show shortcut icon
Quick launch COL Reminder via permanent status icon
Click to start
New Value successfully saved!
Value deleted successfully!
Quick Selection Minutes
Set the minutes for the 'Quick' button
Repeat Type
Set to default
Add Reminder
Reminder snoozed to
Overdue since
Parking time has just expired!
Misc. Reminder
Parking Reminder
Phone Reminder
Birthday Reminder
Phone Call
Birthday Settings
General Settings
First start tutorial, Language, Keyboard, Log
Date and Time
Date format, 24 hours, Smart Date/Time, Calendar picker, First day of week
Grouping, Snooze, Show Popup, Notification Tone
Look and Feel
Themes, QuickAddBar, Font color and size
Priority System
Enable Priority System
Activate the Priority System
Priority %1$d
Priority 1 Settings
Priority 2 Settings
Priority 3 Settings
Smart date and time
Displays smart dates and times (Today, Tomorrow, Morning, ..)
Date - descend
Date - ascend
Text - descend
Text - ascend
Sort by...
Sound always
If checked you get always a notification sound (also if phone is in silent)
Sound always Workaround
Enable it if you don't get a sound on sound always option!
Your Parking Reminder is about to end in %1$d minutes.
No active reminders
Thank you for your support!
IME is already used with this PayPal ID!
No record found with given PayPal ID!
Connect failure! Are you online?
Check License
Activation of donation features
You have COL Reminder Donate installed, but not activated! Would you like do activate it now?
only Donate version
Donate Google Play
Donate PayPal
No Thanks
Donate and extend COL Reminder with great new features!
Priority System
Each priority has it own settings
More Repeat Options
Minutely, Hourly, Select Days, Until a Date, For x times, ..
Widget for Active Reminders
See on your desktop your active reminders
More informations on our website at
Location Based Reminders
Set location based reminders (Home, Work, ..)
Please select a contact or enter a number!
Font Sizes
Widget Header
Keyboard Popup
Show keyboard after start of misc, phone, parking reminder
Select a shortcut!
ERROR: No app found for this request on your phone/tablet!
ERROR opening database
There was an error opening the database, please try to open COL Reminder again!\n\nIf this does not work report this error to
ERROR: No permission to dial!
Enable Debug Log
Send Debug Log
Click to send the debug log to the developer
Select Theme
Select your desired theme
Start day of week
Select the start day of week
Backup Settings
Automatic Backup
Your Backup path is:
We found a backup on your SD card. Do you want to restore it?
Manual backup from:
Automatic backup from:
Remind Image
Group Notifications
Show only one notification icon
%1$d new reminders
Delete on dismiss
Are you sure?
Attention:\nAll local backups, if available, are getting replaced with the DropBox backup files!
Preparing Download
Preparing Uploading
No Backup available
Your Message
Do you have no question or problems or why did you not enter any message? ;-)
Reminder \"%1$s\" was added at %2$s!
ERROR: Error creating image file! Is SD-Card mounted?
Error: SD-Card ist not mounted!
Open navigation drawer
Close navigation drawer
COL Reminder will attempt to collect the app log.\n\nThe collected log will be zipped, saved to the SD-Card and sent using an application of your choice.\n
Acquiring log from the app!!
Failed to get the log from the system.
Default reminder time
Select the default reminder time
How many days before?
You will get a daily pre-alarm x days before.
Old calendar picker
Displays the old (2.x) instead of the new Google calendar picker
Iran calendar picker
Displays the calendar for Iran
System native time picker
Displays the native one instead of the apps time picker
Select your preferred date format
On arrival
On leaving
Already 6 locations saved with name. Last Location is not saved.
Long tap on any location and remove the name if you do not want to save it.
No Location
Name Location
Enter the name for this location
Has Birthday today!
Is now %1$d!
in %1$d days
Adding Birthday %1$d of %2$d
Turns %1$d
No contacts available\nwith a birthday date saved!
Start completing
Completing %1$d of %2$d
Please select a contact or enter a manual birthday!
Use alternative notify icon
Use the green icon instead the grey
Unlock Code
Enter the unlock code from the 'Unlock Instructions' mail \n(Should be in your Inbox no later than 10 minutes after your donation)!
Your Reminder List is currently empty!
Click on the plus icon or on the quick add bar at the bottom to add a new reminder to the list.
Google has modified the default permissions for the external SD Card on Android 4.4 KitKat, which directly caused COL Reminder lose read/write access to the external SD card.\n\nPlease select Internal SD-Card.\n\nMore info:
Quick Add Bar
Use the Quick Add Bar at the bottom instead of the + sign
Plus Sign
Quick Add Bar
Quit without Saving
You've made some changes!\nWould you like to save before exiting?
Save changes
Do you want to save your changes?
SD-Card Selection
Manual entry
Full Name
Birthday Date
Save without Year
Follow us:
You have to enter a name!
Is not a valid phone number!
Pick a date…
Pick a time…
Last %1$s
Last %1$s
Next %1$s
Next %1$s
Late night
Why this permission?
Needed permission
I'm sure
Yes, ask
No, thanks
The permission is needed to show you the QuickCallReminder! You see a notification after every call and you can add quickly an phone call reminder.\nIf you don't accept this permission you want get any notification after a call and this feature is disabled!
COL Reminder is about to ask you for authorization on two permissions: PHONE and STORAGE\n\n- Phone is used to display a \"Quick Call Reminder\" after a call\n- Storage is used to make automatic backups to the SD-card and to check if an backup is already available\n\nFeel free to decline either permission, but be aware that this feature isn't available afterwards.
The permission is needed to read the contacts birthday dates!\nWithout this permission you can't select a contact from your address book and you can only manual add a birthday reminder.\nAre you sure you want to deny this permission?
The permission is needed to read the contacts!\nWithout this permission you can't select a contact from your address book and this category is not usable.\nAre you sure you want to deny this permission?
The permission is needed to read the call log!\nWithout this permission you can't select a contact from the call log.\nAre you sure you want to deny this permission?
Permission not accepted. \"Phone Call\" part isn't available!
Permission not accepted. Call log isn't available!
Permission not accepted. Contacts aren't available!
Permission not accepted. Backup/Restore isn't available!
Permission not accepted. Location based reminders are not available!
Go to Settings/Apps
This permission is needed for making/restoring backups and to save added images to your SD-Card!\nWithout this permission you can't add images and use the backup/restore feature!\nAre you sure you want to deny this permission?
Permission not accepted. Backup/Restore, Gallery and Camera aren't available!
This Permission is needed to check the unlock code! A unique ID will be created from your Smartphone.
Permission not accepted. The Unlock Code can't be verified!
Displays Today, Tomorrow above the reminders
Show the smart header
Only reminders are due date today will be shown
Show only today reminders
System native calendar picker
Displays the native one instead of the apps calendar picker
Share app
Hi, check out COL Reminder. It is a great reminder app.
All Reminders
Main Views
Select Color
Font Color
Choose Font Color
Font Sizes and Colors
Define your own font sizes and colors
Smart Time
Add or change smart times
Smart Times Edit
Quick Selection Edit
New Location
External SD-Card
You have to grant access to the external SD-Card. The follwong steps shows how you can do that
Step 1
After this tutorial you will see this screen above. Than open the navigation drawer with a single tap on the left drawer icon!
Step 2
Now you will see \"Internal Storage\" and \"SDCARD\", please select \"SDCARD\"!
Step 3
In the root folder of the SD-Card tap on \"SELECT\" at the bottom right. A folder named COL Reminder will be automatically created!
Grant Access to the SD-Card
The selection dialog will now open. Please follow the steps as described before!
Internal Memory
Automatic Upload
Local Backup
Backup Location
Google Drive Backup
Not Connected
Connected: %1$s
DropBox Backup
Local Restore
Backup Date
Google Drive Restore
DropBox Restore
Calculating files to upload
Calculating files to download
Uploading Database
Downloading Database
Uploading Preferences
Downloading Preferences
Finished uploading
Finished downloading and restoring
Uploading Image
Downloading image
Deleting image %1$s from %2$s
Upload to %1$s successfully
Download from %1$s and restore successfully
Failed to get Backup Date from %1$s
Google Drive Backup
%1$s is not enabled
Not enabled
Connecting to GoogleDrive
Grant Access
No access to external SDCard
Only on WLAN
Images up to %1$d
Filesize is %1$s
Cloud Backup
Connecting to DropBox
No permission given, you can't use this feature
Add Mode
Select either the Quick Add Bar or the FAB Plus Button to add a reminder
Quick Call Reminder
Shows a notification after a call to set quickly a call reminder for this contact/number
Thanks for choosing COL Reminder\nWe just need a few things to help finish setting up
Enable automatic backup and restore via Google Drive. Sign In and select your Google Account.
Automatic Backup / Restore
Show the first start tutorial
Notifications are disabled for COL Reminder!!
Use globally
Attention, some reminders are missing in the system!
%1$s selected
Month grid of days
Select month and day
Year list
Select year
Select hours
Select minutes
%1$s deleted
Every weekday (Mon\u2013Fri)
; until %s
Until a date
Until %s
For a number of events
change end date
on the same day each month
ok, set date/time
Cancel, do not set date/time
repeat options
does not repeat
every minute
every hour
every day
every week
every month
every year
Previous month
Next month
Your language is %1$s translated!
Do you want to help to get 100%?
Your language is already to 100% translated!\nDo you want to help to translate it into other languages?
Translate it into your language
Translate it into other languages
Show Priorities
Show contact images
Show Category Icons
Checking available backup
Please decide how much you would like to donate:
Priority 1
Clear Filter
Bundle Notifications
Notifications are always bundled
Notifications are bundled if more than 3 available (System Default)
Sound Always is enabled, but no access granted!
Show Popup only if in car mode
Turn on screen
Notification Details
Snooze Duration
Error adding reminder
on the last day each month
Only between hours
New Time from Dismiss
Night Mode Start Time
Night Mode
Night Mode End Time
Date Format
Detect TimeZone Change
No reminders for today!
Support for the Developer\n%1$s
Two Beer\n%1$s
One Wine\n%1$s
One Beer\n%1$s
A Water\n%1$s
Can't show reminder
Default Notification Tone
Problem playing your selected notification tone!\n\nPlease try to select a different one.
Your notification volume is 0. The reminder will be silent!!
Sort descending
Select Mode
Skip to next occurrence or do you want to move it to the history?
Next Occurrence
Don't show it again
Show warning messages again
Warning messages will be shown again!
Label Name
You haven't created any labels yet.
Type # followed by the label name inside an reminder text to create labels!
Parking Reminder can't be snoozed!
Can't share because no reminder selected!
Rate the app in the PlayStore
Go to today
Select month
Go to date
Fullscreen calendar picker
Shows already created reminder per day
Current char is
Label char
Colors, Names, Show/Hide, Reorder
%1$d of %2$d
Whats New
Next %1$s
Now please share the contact with COL Reminder!
Google has changed the way the app can access Google Drive.\nYou have to sign in again to Google Drive to use the backup/restore functions again.
Sign In
Failed to create/upload the backup!
Date/Time Text Size
Backup file format has changed.\n\nPlease be aware that old backup files from older versions CAN'T BE RESTORED anymore!\n\nA first new automatic backup (if enabled) will be made if you close the app.\n\nFor more details please click on 'More info'!
More info
I understand
PreAlarm only %1$s left!
A fresh start
Anything to add?
No Reminder
Don't Vibrate
Reminder is active
Reminder is inactive
More notification settings are in the system settings. Tap to open!
Warning: No notification sound
Your importance setting is currently set to 'No Sound'. Tap here and change it.
Show repeat and priority info in notification
Show calendar appointments
No thanks, don't show \nme this agai
Show/Unshow Week Numbers
No more load retry?
Enter Label Name
No Label available!
No more entries!
Priority High
If the screen is off a popup will be shown and the screen will be turned on. Otherwise a priority high notification over the current used app.
Normal notifications without a popup.
High Priority with popup
Contact %1$s not found!
Please enable AutoStart in System Settings for COL Reminder. Otherwise your reminders are not active after a boot.
Can't open system settings. Please check manually for this setting.
Open System Setting
Add Reminder from PC
First enable it and afterwards go to on your computer and sign in with your Google account.
Now head over to your PC and open the WebPage %1$s
Enable Web Feature
Send Mail
Copy Url
* %1$s off, %2$d days to test
Reminder will be moved to History
Long tap 'Dismiss' to move it to History
Enable AutoStart
If you use this feature the location permission is now requested.\nIf you accept it the app gets your location data in the background to show the reminder ones you are in the set location.
Create and receive reminders on your computer
Show Toolbar
Toolbar with refresh and settings are shown
Toolbar is not shown
all day
Show conflicting calendar events
Show all day events
Calendar selection
Missing permission
Override DND Mode is active
If you change something here you need to re-enable Override DND mode in system settings manually
Categories to show
Calendar Settings
Readd Device To Web

Please translate all fields of one array, otherwise the array are not saved!
English Russian (ru)
weekly weekly
Weekly on %2$s
Every %1$d weeks on %2$s
Каждую неделю по 2 раза;Каждые1 неделю по 2 раза
daily daily
Every %d days
Ежедневно;Каждый день
hourly hourly
Every %d hours
Каждый час;Каждые часы
minutely minutely
Every %d minutes
Ежеминутно;Каждые минут
endByCount endByCount
; for one time
; for %d times
один раз;раз
recurrence_end_count recurrence_end_count
For %d event
For %d events
Для события;Для событий
recurrence_interval_minutely recurrence_interval_minutely
Every %d minute
Every %d minutes
Каждую минуту;Каждые минуты
recurrence_interval_hourly recurrence_interval_hourly
Every %d hour
Every %d hours
Каждый час;Каждые часов
recurrence_interval_daily recurrence_interval_daily
Every %d day
Every %d> days
Каждый день;Каждые дней
recurrence_interval_weekly recurrence_interval_weekly
Every %d week
Every %d weeks
Каждая неделя;Каждые недели
recurrence_interval_monthly recurrence_interval_monthly
Every %d month
Every %d months
Каждый месяц;Каждые месяца
recurrence_interval_yearly recurrence_interval_yearly
Every %d year
Every %d years
Каждый год;Каждые года
NumberOfReminders NumberOfReminders
One time
Two times
Three times
Four times
Five times
Ten times
Keep repeating
RemidnerInterval RemidnerInterval
1 minute
2 minutes
5 minutes
10 minutes
15 minutes
30 minutes
1 hour
vibrate vibrate
Only when device is set to vibration mode
repeat_types repeat_types
selectdays selectdays
themes themes
Green Light
Green Dark
OLED Black
System Based
ringtonetypes ringtonetypes
dashclockShowTypes dashclockShowTypes
Fired off
Today and fired off
repeat_timeframe repeat_timeframe
Until a Date
For a number of events
preAlarmTypes preAlarmTypes
categoriesArray categoriesArray
Misc. Reminder
Parking Reminder
Phone Reminder
Birthday Reminder
automatic_upload_frequency_titles automatic_upload_frequency_titles
On Time
30 minutes
1 hour
3 hours
6 hours
12 hours
24 hours
repeat_by_nth repeat_by_nth
on every first
on every second
on every third
on every fourth
on every last
recurrence_freq recurrence_freq
Repeat Minutely
Repeat Hourly
Repeat Daily
Repeat Weekly
Repeat Monthly
Repeat Yearly
repeat_by_nth_sun repeat_by_nth_sun
on every first Sunday
on every second Sunday
on every third Sunday
on every fourth Sunday
on every last Sunday
repeat_by_nth_mon repeat_by_nth_mon
on every first Monday
on every second Monday
on every third Monday
on every fourth Monday
on every last Monday
repeat_by_nth_tues repeat_by_nth_tues
on every first Tuesday
on every second Tuesday
on every third Tuesday
on every fourth Tuesday
on every last Tuesday
repeat_by_nth_wed repeat_by_nth_wed
on every first Wednesday
on every second Wednesday
on every third Wednesday
on every fourth Wednesday
on every last Wednesday
repeat_by_nth_thurs repeat_by_nth_thurs
on every first Thursday
on every second Thursday
on every third Thursday
on every fourth Thursday
on every last Thursday
repeat_by_nth_fri repeat_by_nth_fri
on every first Friday
on every second Friday
on every third Friday
on every fourth Friday
on every last Friday
repeat_by_nth_sat repeat_by_nth_sat
on every first Saturday
on every second Saturday
on every third Saturday
on every fourth Saturday
on every last Saturday

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